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Closing the Teach For America Blogging Gap
May 13 2012

In the beginning…

It’s difficult thinking where to begin, but it all really started around Thanksgiving last semester. I had heard of Teach For America my sophomore year, after one of my friends was accepted into the ’10 Charlotte, NC Corps. My senior year I became a Campus Campaign Coordinator, encouraging other around campus to apply and promoting TFAs mission. So when Thanksgiving arrived, I had thought I knew what I wanted in life – graduate with both my music (BA) and math (BS) majors and go into a govt. program. Unfortunately, funds for me were low as I used them all to take the excessive amounts of credits required for a double degree, so I dropped my math major and bumped my graduation up to the ’12 Spring Semester.

I quickly entered myself into the TFA application pool, realizing it was exactly where I needed to go. Thinking back, I am so happy with this decision. I am truly ecstatic about what is to happen in these next two years!

Basically, I applied to TFA toward the end of January and was sent straight to the final interview in early February. The interview was insane to say the least. I began my morning straight-curling my hair, drove with my mom up to Gainesville to avoid the terror experience they call “parking”, and changed to my sexy business attire in McDonalds. Arriving at the interview site, I met my fellow TFA candidates and we immediately launched into the 5 minute lesson plans. The interviewers called out for a volunteer, so I raised my hand and went first.

My lesson plan was executed flawlessly… well, not really. It began with me dropping all my materials, which I continued dropping throughout the lesson. Overall though, I completed the lesson, did a cheer with the group, and collected my exit cards all within the five minute time! :] Then I watched as nine others gave their lessons. Overall, mine seemed to be success!

Next began the group portion. It was terrible. My group could not stay focused. Apparently my outfit, hair, and handwriting were more exciting than the task at hand. One of our interviewers watched us, and said to “pretend like we were in a fishbowl.” Well, at one point he sneezed, so I politely said, “bless you.” Instead of a “thanks”, he turn to me and goes, “fishbowl. remember?!” So I of course mutter under my breath, “woops. well unbless you then…” Luckily, we made it through completing all the requirements without any more random remarks.

Finally, it was time for lunch and the individual interviews. We were given a role play; I prepared my convincing strategy and went into the room confident. Again, I had the sneezy male interviewer. He asked the usual interview questions, but had such awkward feedback answers that I was extremely nervous walking out of the room.

My favorite part of the interview:

Him: So, do you have any questions about TFA?

Me: Um, actu…

Him: Well I mean I dont see how you would. Youre a campaign coordinator for us now so you should know just about everything.

Me: Haha yeah…

Him: Well it was great meeting you! **shakes hand**

End interview.

So, to my surprise, I was accepted into Teach For America as a secondary math teacher in South Carolina. :] SOOOOOO excited :] :] :] :] :]

I took my Praxis exams on April 28th and will find my scores out by the end of the month! Also, I interviewed with my first school, Williams Middle School in Florence. It went amazingly well and I am officially placed as the 7th and 8th grade IB Math teacher for Pre-Algebra and Geometry!!!!! :] I wanted this offer more than anything :] Everyone at the school seems so laid back and excited about their jobs!

In other news, I have returned home until the start of Induction/Institute. Finishing up prework and last minute details this week. Also, I am in desperate need of a haircut that will hopefully return my hair to normal… oh yeah, I straightened it and it never went back to curly. YIKES! But now the new hair growing in is curly… so its a big BIG issue.

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